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The Ivanhoe is a family friendly, family-run business that has a long history of hospitality for those who vacation in North Wildwood. We thought we’d ask the owner a few fun questions that will let you get to know your surroundings more from a local’s point of view!

Can you tell us a bit of history about the Ivanhoe?

The Ivanhoe was built by the owner’s husband in the 1960s and has been family-owned and operated ever since.  The first section of the motel was just 16 units. and has since expanded, bringing the total to 32 units. There is also a house next door that adds 4 rental units.

Wildwood has so many parades, events, festivals and holidays going on all the time. Do you have a favorite occasion? Can you tell us about it?

Our favorite festival is the Irish Festival held every year in September for three days right here in North Wildwood. The streets are closed off, they have craft and food vendors, and there is no shortage of music and dancing! They also have a parade on the last day of the festival with bands wearing kilts and Irish dancers. There’s something for everyone.

Another favorite is the BBQ and Blues Festival, also held here in North Wildwood in July. It’s the New Jersey State BBQ Championship which features food demonstrations and lots of food vendors! The Blues Festival is going on simultaneously with free live music from regional and national blues acts performing on an outdoor stage.

What is one thing you recommend everyone do when they visit the Wildwood?

The one thing I think everyone has to do (assuming they have visited our fabulous free beach and boardwalk) is to have an original Lime Ricky – a refreshing carbonated lime drink. You won’t find anything as good, near or far and  a visit to the Wildwoods would not be complete without having a Lime Rickey.  Coming in a close second is having a piece of pizza from Sam’s Pizza.  These are both located just a short walk from the Ivanhoe.

What is the best part about owning a motel in the Wildwoods?

The best part about owning a motel here is meeting our guests and forming friendships that have lasted for years.  We work around the clock for four months with rentals and then two months opening and closing each year.  Then, we have the rest of the year off.  It makes for a long summer, but it’s great to see guests who have come back year after year and are like family.  Starting in November we take our time off and relax and rejuvenate for the following summer!

What is YOUR favorite event that goes on in the Wildwoods? Comment below!

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