6 Best Places in the Wildwoods to Quench Your Thirst

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It’s one of the things folks here most in the summer, especially at the beach… are you staying hydrated?? The sun & fun can take a lot out of us, so of course, it is very important we pay attention to drinking enough fluids. Here are some drinks around town that are tasty, fun options to include on top of all that water you’re downing! What’s your favorite on the list?


Craving an All-American beverage?

Your perfect stop: Stewart’s Root Beer on the boardwalk.

Order: A good old fashioned root beer float.


Want to try a local tradition & favorite?

Your perfect stop: Lime Ricky World, a Wildwoods family classic

Order: A Lime Ricky drink OR one of their epic, candy-filled milkshakes.


Lover of craft beer?

Your perfect stop: Mud Hen Brewing Company, the brand new brewery just down the road.

Order: A beer flight; try 4 of their amazing beers to find the perfect one!



Appreciator of fine wine?

Your perfect stop: The Establishment at 100, one of the best dinner spots in town

Order: A glass of red or white, depending on your preference; at the establishment, you really can’t go wrong with your wine choice.


Feeling lucky?

Your perfect stop: Anglesea Pub, a traditional Irish pub just minutes from the Ivanhoe

Order: A Guiness, of course!



Need caffeine and adrenaline to start the day right?

Your perfect stop: Breakfast in the Sky, a breakfast service on one of the pier ferris wheels

Order: A cup of steaming coffee (along with an order from their incredible menu) to sip on as you sail over the beach and boardwalk below.


Thirsty yet? What is your favorite way to quench your thirst in the Wildwoods?